Coordinates: 46.3979380, 14.7447640

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Turn right in Strmec

In Mozirje, at the second roundabout, turn in the direction of Logarska dolina (Logarska valley). Drive past Nazarje and Ljubno to the settlement of Strmec, where you turn right in the direction of Koča na Loki (Loka Lodge) and Snežna jama (Snow cave). Follow the signposts along the initially asphalted macadam road for about 15.5 km to the parking lot under Koča na Loki (Loka Lodge). The parking lot for Snežna jama (Snow cave) is a 2 km drive along the road (or about a 30-minute walk).

It is 15 minute walk uphill the macadam road from the parking lot to the entrance of the cave. Follow the signs for Snežna jama (Snow cave) in the direction of the mountain Arto.

It will take you 30 to 45 minutes to drive from Strmec to the cave’s parking lot. When driving, keep in mind that the road is mostly macadam, narrow in some areas and also open to trucks and other vehicles.

Safe driving!

Vodole Mountain

Parking lot for Koča na Loki (Loka Lodge)

View of Koča na Loki (Loka Lodge)

Towards the parking lot for Snow cave

Parking lot for Snow Cave